I joined started hosting a radio show in Twin Falls seven years ago this month. I drove across the country over the course of three days to get here.  I bought a lot of gasoline.

What pleased me about the drive was the beauty of America, from plains to mountains.  And the farther west I drove, gasoline kept getting cheaper.  In Twin Falls I paid $149.9 one afternoon in early 2015.  My rental costs were 400 dollars cheaper a month when I arrived.  Steak, chicken, and bacon were all considerably cheaper.

Settling in for Long Term Price Pain

There are rosy predictions the price of gas has stabilized and will soon drop, but every week I explain the predictions are about as worthless as Monopoly money.  Check out this link.  A day later we saw an increase in prices, and then we saw a drop due to omicron fears.  The truth is, we simply can’t nail down an answer on where the cost per gallon will be in six months.

There are numerous apologists for Joe Biden in the old legacy media.  They keep writing about how the President has little control over the petroleum supply and the price of beef.  Heck, they even blame it on what they call the “greedy meat conglomerate”.

It's all Donald Trump's Fault

You also can’t blame a President for the spread of a novel (new) virus.  It ignores borders and walls and spreads.  You can delay it but you can’t stop the contagion and, yet.  Somehow the media told me it was all Donald Trump’s fault.

He does share some responsibility for the growing tide of government spending.  Joe Biden has presided over much more spending than Trump.  You devalue the dollar and prices reflect the change.  It’s an unseen tax.  Additionally, when these so-called geniuses shut down the global economy, you can’t tell me they didn’t foresee a supply chain crunch.  They did it for short-term gain.  At your expense.  How I long for a less expensive era in Twin Falls.

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