When it comes to credit troubles, Idaho has neighbors among the best and among the worst.

Idaho is greatly improved. Less than a decade ago it was among the 10 worst

According to cardratings.com, Montanans have the 4th best credit rating in the country (North Dakota is the best).  Just to our south, Nevada needs a possible lifeline.  A decade following the housing market collapse, it’s clearly obvious Nevada still hasn’t fully recovered.  It’s the only western state in the top five worst list (New Mexico is 8th).

Courtesy, cardratings.com.
Courtesy, cardratings.com.

Idaho and Wyoming respectively are 14th and 15th best and Utah places number 17 on the good credit rating list.  Idaho is greatly improved.  Less than a decade ago, it was among the 10 worst and now is among the best.

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