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Politician is just about synonymous with hypocrite.

if I go out and get a degree from Clown College can I serve in Boise?

Last year we had an Idaho Senator withdraw support from Donald Trump because the President-Elect told a dirty joke a decade ago.  As I said at the time, nobody ever got killed by a joke.  Many have been killed by drunk drivers.  The Senator had a DUI arrest a few years ago.

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Today I started my morning by reading a column from the Spokesman-Review.  It appears State Representative Heather Scott made a crude reference about women advancing in government.  For all we know it was a joke but it doesn’t matter to her fellow Republicans who find her a thorn-in-their-sides.  Scott isn’t an establishment figure.  She’s a constitutionalist.  Efforts by her own party to defeat her at the ballot box have failed miserably.  Now the Spokesman-Review has trotted out an accused adulterer to attack Scott.  A few months ago I defended legislators against the sins in their private lives.  We all sin.  Let’s focus instead on legislative achievements, however.  The critic, Christy Perry, is quoted as saying Scott frightens people because she carries a gun.  Then it’s revealed Perry also not only packs heat but owns a gun shop.

As you may well know Idaho is a state where we don’t need a permit for concealed carry.  It’s called liberty.  Perry apparently takes all sorts of liberties in her personal life but is upset Scott exercises a God given Second Amendment right.  Tell me, if I go out and get a degree from Clown College can I serve in Boise?

Oh, and Perry’s alleged affair was with a powerful fellow Republican legislator.  But let’s keep beating up people who speak truth-to-power.  Parliament-of-Fools!