I was none too kind when it came down to any government edicts shredding liberties for coronavirus.  Even temporarily.  Much of my heat in the early months was directed at Idaho Governor Brad Little.  But you know what?  He was a choirboy compared to what we saw in many other states.  Mostly the liberal bastions but even neighboring and mostly conservative Utah flipped its lid when it came to restrictions.

Brad Little made some hastily considered decisions.  He’s not an evil man.

In California, Gavin Newsom appears willing to terminate his political career to maintain his iron fisted control over his constituents.  The people who pay his salary.  And he doesn’t apply the same rules for himself.

In Nevada, Governor Steve Sisolak was more than willing to devastate his state’s number one industry.  The public in many of these places will keep voting for abusers because it believes the Washington funny money has no strings and that someone else will pay off the debt.

Perhaps the worst abuser, and quite literally according to some women, is the reptilian leader of New York State.  Andrew Cuomo could go to prison.  He won’t of course, because he’s a wealthy and well connected politician.  After dumping COVID-19 patients into nursing homes and retirement communities, he then fudged the death toll.  The United States Justice Department is supposedly probing for any criminal activity.  Albeit, Cuomo’s party now controls the levers at Justice.  Don’t expect serious attempt to throw the book at the Governor.

Pollsters have been telling us New York voters are mainly sticking behind their guy.  I’m not sure this is going to last.  Not after the latest potential revelations.  As old people were dropping dead like flies after an application of Raid, Cuomo was ensuring his family members were getting preferential pandemic pampering.  Scum of the earth.

Brad Little made some hastily considered decisions.  He’s not an evil man.  Andrew Cuomo is paving his way to hell.

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