If you haven't noticed, the pace of 2020 has been breakneck, and the Christmas holiday is now just 15 weeks away. The Internet is full of artists from all over who are creating some really cool stuff, and if you're looking to stash away some gifts for loved ones, there are a great deal of south Idaho related creations to consider.

My wife has already begun stockpiling gifts for the Christmas holiday that will be here in a little over three months. She stashes them in an area of our home she thinks is safe and undiscovered. The key word there being "thinks."

It's a great way to make holiday gift buying less stressful, and who really enjoys battling the crowds in late December. The website Etsy is full of independent artists that are creating some really awesome Magic Valley artwork, clothing, collectibles and other types of merchandise. Despite the pandemic, the website has been shipping these creations out in a pretty speedy manner too, as I just received an online purchase the other day from them.

I am in no way encouraging anyone to avoid shopping local by writing this story, but there are some terrific items that relate to us here in southern Idaho that I'm not seeing around town, and would be perfect for those loyal to the Gem State.

etsy kayak print

The canvass print of the kayaker heading down the Snake River toward the Perrine Bridge has already caught my eye, and would be a great addition to my living room. Ciulla Designs makes them for $15. It's just one example of the amazing work these artists are doing, and it's a great way to support these independent men and women.

Great Magic Valley Artist Creations For Sale

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