Governor Little recently declared that today, September 14th, is Idaho Missing Persons Day. We often write about missing children or elderly people on our site, but there are so many that we don't mention who go missing every year in Idaho. The Idaho State Police have announced a new way to let the public know about missing persons and make it easier for the public provide input to help find the lost. The Idaho Missing Persons Clearinghouse, a division of the ISP, has new social media pages and an app dedicated to their searches.

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Social media is one effective way to get information to spread like a wildfire and reach as many people as possible. You can follow the IMPC on Facebook or Twitter at @ISP_Alerts to get the latest information and easily share with your social media friends.

The Clearinghouse also has a new free app called CodeRED which allows users to subscribe to receive alerts to their mobile phones. Users can get Amber, Blue, and Endangered Missing Persons alerts. Amber alerts apply to missing children in a child abduction emergency situation. Blue alerts are issued when a law enforcement officer has been victim of a violent attack. An alert sent to the public would allow us to help identify a suspect or locate a missing officer. In an Endangered Missing Person alert the person could considered endangered due to abduction, suspicious circumstances, or a medical or mental condition.

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