This is considered so controversial that it was addressed in a staff meeting I attended Tuesday.  On Wednesday, a member of my audience mailed me a link to the proposed policy.  I read it verbatim on air.  Within minutes I had a message from a candidate for State Superintendent of Instruction.  He’s very concerned.  This morning, another fellow wrote to me and said that what I read from the Rise Charter School will be considered district-wide by Kimberly schools.

There’s a meeting scheduled for 6:30 p.m. at the Round Building.  It’s a special school board session.

Lawyers Advising Caution

Policy 3281 is a very legal-looking document.  I get the impression a lawyer worked on the draft.  The impression I’m left with is that school districts greatly fear lawsuits and allegations of discrimination from students who identify as transgender.  There’s no good publicity on any of this.  Some parents will accuse backers of the proposal of being politically correct and insist the school system focuses on teaching kids some skills.  The other side, and potentially the minority, will be loud.  And have the support of establishment media and organizations far beyond southern Idaho.

Idaho Doesn't Want a Repeat of Virginia

I gather if a student proclaims a new identity that a deliberative process will follow to determine if the student is being honest.  The alternative would be someone looking for an opportunity to share space with the opposite sex, and administrators likely know how disastrous that was in Loudon County, Virginia.

Please read the document and help me with one other provision.  If a student comes to school and asks to be identified by a new pronoun, will parents be informed?  Should they be informed?  The Magic Valley isn't immune to cultural winds.

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