Technology may not be moving at light speed but it’s moving along at a pace I’ve never before witnessed.  It’s why I’m involved in hosting a new YouTube channel.  A friend works at an eastern radio station.  He’s so close to the waters of the Atlantic, he frequently exercises on one of two local boardwalks.  I’m in Idaho, where even license plates advertise one of our greatest products. 

Podcasts, YouTube, web streaming and apps have come along just in the nick of time.

The future of spoken word media is evolving.  Sunday morning there was a discussion on Coast to Coast (heard on Newsradio 1310, KLIX) about the future of the AM radio dial.  There is ongoing discussion about the government taking back the spectrum.  It’s because there’s a pressing need for more bandwidth for emergency communications.  As most talk radio inhabits the AM band, we could need some options.  Podcasts, YouTube, web streaming and apps have come along just in the nick of time.

Our YouTube channel is called Boardwalk Potatoes.  With videos of 5 to 15 minutes in duration.  It’s mostly politics but there are movie and beer reviews.  Jake watched Fatima over the weekend and offers his take on how it’s also a warning more than a century later.

I’ve sampled some regional beers and offered some sobering thoughts!

It appears not all beers are created as equals.  If a beer tastes like carbonated water you can simply buy fizzy water at a discount.  If it clears your sinuses, it’s likely from a micro-brewery, of which there are many in Idaho, Montana and Utah.

The channel also promotes our current radio shows and we hope people watching in other parts of the country tune in and listen to our daily work.  We’re just getting started and the big promotion push remains on the way, however.  You can see some early offerings by clicking on this link.

You can also watch a short segment below:

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