I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  I was watching Monday night’s Twin Falls City Council meeting when a liberal stood up and suggested the accused in a child sexual assault case be released without being punished.  You can see it happen at 26:45 into this video stream.  Perhaps you’ve been living under a rock but on June 2cond a disabled 5-year-old girl was allegedly attacked by three Muslim refugee boys between the ages of 7 and 14-years-old.  Now some joker wants the accused to walk so we can let bygones be bygones.  He also accuses many of his neighbors of bigotry.  For Lord’s sake, pal, have you no children of your own?  I know how my old man would’ve handled things had my sister been sexually abused as a child.  It wouldn’t have been pretty and local law-enforcement would’ve backed him up as he sent a message.

While I don’t recommend violence in this case it seems to me justice demands the accused little perverts be locked away for a long time.  At least the two older boys who egged on the 7-year-old.

This was a topic of discussion on Top Story today.  You can watch it below: