I’ve only been to McCall once.  It was a hot mid-summer day.  It’s a lovely looking place.  I stopped and took some pictures around town.  Maybe it was because of the time of day, mid-morning.  Traffic was almost non-existent.  Look, I wouldn’t stake my experience on one day in any argument about traffic issues and my day may have been an anomaly.

It would also require some outside money.

People who live in McCall have a different experience.  They believe the heavy truck traffic on Route 55 interferes with downtown life.  McCall has two big tourist seasons.  Winter and summer.  It attracts tourists in droves because it’s incredibly scenic.  Tourists like to wander and frequently they’re in the streets.  Crossing from one shop to another.  Apparently, people + big trucks = congestion.

The community is pondering moving Route 55 to a bypass around much of the business district.  The project would be somewhat pricey and for a time disruptive.  It would also require some outside money.

Which means Idaho Transportation Department would pick up some of the tab.  Since ITD doesn’t operate as a private business, the cash would come from…  Any guesses?  Everyone else in Idaho would be a simple answer.

Now, before we object, there are projects locally and these are often paid for by taxpayers in other parts of the state.  It’s how it works.  Also, I’ll note we aren’t even near approval stage for McCall.  At the moment some ideas are being bandied about.

I’ll offer one idea, however.  This partly is being driven by current property owners who have more than congestion on their minds.  The change could greatly increase some residential property values.  Great for the day when you eventually sell!

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