HAILEY, Idaho (KLIX)-A mother and calf moose roaming a Hailey neighborhood was recently relocated ahead of the July 4, holiday out of concern for the animals and safety of the public.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game had gotten several reports of a cow with a very young calf roaming a residential area just before the Independence Day weekend. Conservation officers began monitoring the animals and began to consider the possibility of relocating them as they got close to families and pets. Idaho Fish and Game said cow moose can be deadly when they are caring for their young; the moose had already injured a pet dog that died from its injuries. Officials were also concerned because the moose had gotten close to the area where the fireworks show would be done. Officers did not want the animals to come in close contact with people walking around in the dark during the festivities.

Idaho Department of Fish and Game

It was determined the best course of action, despite the risk to the adult animal, was to tranquilize the cow and capture the calf. Early on the morning of July 3, nine biologist were able to track the animal to a back yard, and with permission from the homeowner, they were able to dart the mother and easily capture the young calf. The two were then loaded into a horse trailer and taken to the Silver Creek area.

Idaho Department of Fish and Game
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Idaho Moose