John Lennon’s peace anthem Imagine appears to be the guiding force behind today’s elites.  Many of them call themselves progressives and they oppose patriotism, nationalism, tribalism, religious faith and ethnic identity.  The elites run the United Nations, the European Union, Western governments, big banks and even many large corporations (think of the corporate smack down that followed North Carolina’s bathroom gender bill).  A liberal named Damon Linker is writing about this world view and how it created the backlash known as Brexit and potentially much more.  You can read his work at this link.

At Least 20 Dead In Mass Shooting At Orlando Gay Nightclub
Gerardo Mora/Getty Images

Meanwhile there are numerous stories this week about how difficult efforts are becoming to shoehorn mass waves of Muslim migrants into our own cultures.  It was a topic this morning on Top Story.  You can watch the segment below:

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