Now conservatives are joining the politically correct and attacking their own.  Check out the latest link here from the writer known as Publius Decius Mus.  He’s challenging many ranking think-tank conservatives who are now calling everyone they don’t like a racist bigot.  After sharing some of the writer’s thoughts on today’s edition of Top Story I returned from a commercial break with my own thoughts about how it’s dangerous in current America to do nothing more than open your mouth.  If what you’re saying isn’t offensive at the moment just wait an hour for the wind direction to change.  I’m reminded of the liberal I saw a few years ago on MSDNC calling out the Washington Redskins for having an offensive name.  The host asked the guest how long the team’s handle had been an offense.  “Since the middle of the last century,” replied the liberal whiner.  In other words Redskins wasn’t offensive until some lefty invented the affront.  More of my epic rant is contained in the video below.