A new gun shop is opening in Twin Falls on March 16th called Quick Response Firearms and we are so excited about it. It is going to be located behind Albertson's where the old Broncos BSU shop was located, near the Liquor Store.

The official address is 176 Blue Lakes Blvd N and according to their Facebook page official opening. They also stated that they are a Veteran owned and operated shop that will have guns, gear, AP builds, ammo, and much more. Let's really hope the ammo lasts a little longer that a few hours though I doubt it.

Checking out their website, it is pretty cool. They have lower receivers, optics and even knives listen on their site. I honestly can't wait to go in there and check out all the inventory that they are getting. I have been looking for a couple of parts for a few guns that I am building, and of course, ammo, so it will be nice to have another options to check out stuff.

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It doesn't have store hours listed just yet, I imagine with the two week out opening date they are still getting everything situated. I drove by over the weekend and it looked like they are working on getting shelves stocked and ready to go. It is going to be interesting to see how many people are going to be able to fit inside that store when it first opens because you know it is going to be packed. Even if it is just to look for ammo.

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