The treaty that could replace NAFTA is only a slight improvement according to some.  Many will tell you it still gives away U.S. sovereignty when it allows other countries to participate in adjudicating trade disputes.  Despite the opposition and the concerns, a great many people tell me it’s very good for Idaho.  Especially for Idaho farmers.  Governor Brad Little stated as much a couple of weeks ago.

I spent some time with leaders of Idaho’s AFL-CIO (American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations) in getting their take on what’s called USMCA.  It stands for United States-Mexico-Canada.

Between farm and consumer there are a great many union workers employed in the process.

The labor leaders see it as a victory for Idaho’s agriculture industry and believe that means it’s good for their member unions.  Between farm and consumer there are a great many union workers employed in the process.  The belief is a rising tide will also lift all boats.

The agreement is also good for the high tech industry, according to the conservative Washington Examiner.  You can read the details by clicking here.

Idaho dairies, and the state is the nation’s third largest milk producer, can expect more business in Canada.  You can see the figures on leading dairy producers by clicking this link.

Idaho AFL-CIO President Joe Maloney and Government Affairs Director Jason Hudson dropped by the studios of Newsradio 1310, KLIX and got into some detail.  While the organization represents just 15-thousand workers in the state, union labor remains a significant force each Election Day.  The treaty still has some hurdles in Washington before adoption.  You can hear our discussion on YouTube posted below:

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