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Friends call it ironic.  It didn’t take long for the new Land O Lakes packaging to arrive in stores.  The indigenous maiden who graced the packages for decades has been scrubbed.  Erased!  When I posted these pictures on Facebook over the weekend, several people pointed out the irony. 

All this time I was simply buttering my bread.  Never once was I aroused during breakfast.

She was removed after a state legislator in the Dakotas complained.  The legislator is a member of an indigenous tribe and insisted the image promoted human trafficking, rape and sexism.  Who knew?  All this time I was simply buttering my bread.  Never once was I aroused during breakfast.  O.K., maybe several years ago by a flirtatious waitress.

The artist who designed the maiden for the original packaging was himself an Indian.  And the image in the background is from some actual geography.  A place his people looked at as almost sacred.  None of this matters to modern liberals.  They imprint their own politics onto an image and then demand the world comport with the leftist viewpoint.

Land O Lakes says we’ll start seeing pictures of cooperative members on future packages.  You know, old men grizzled by years of working in the sun.  That’ll last until someone claims it promotes skin cancer and is offensive to older Americans.  The ones who are discriminated against because of age and sometimes improperly cared for in nursing homes.

At that point I suppose we can replace the grizzled farmers with cows.  Until some granola gobbling earth firster vegetarian objects to exploitation of animals.  Especially the cows and not the bulls.  To which we should all reply, “bull****!”

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