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The people in the Chinese government don’t like President Trump.  They never expected an American leader would seriously call them out.

Many European Prime Ministers don’t like Mr. Trump.  He told them to pay their fair share for membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).  These countries in Western and Northern Europe have a veneer of socialism but are dominated by old families with old wealth.  The same people who attend Bilderberg meetings.  They see themselves as Masters of the Universe.

China and the globalists aren’t exactly pals. They do have a common enemy.  He’s in the White House.

They have allies in Manhattan and Silicon Valley.  In news media (read the roster of attendees!), academia and behind the scenes in entertainment.

They can’t stomach a second Trump term.  Joschka Fischer, a former German Vice Chancellor and foreign diplomat, wrote a couple of weeks ago about Trump.  Fischer made the outlandish claim the current European system will collapse if the President gets a second term.

Then look at February employment data in the United States.  This is a big fear among globalists.  They’re best options are a socialist with a creaky heart and an old man entering dementia.  Trump needs to be muddied before November.

China and the globalists aren’t exactly pals.

They do have a common enemy.  He’s in the White House.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist but I wonder.  Tom Cotton suggested the coronavirus escaped from a research laboratory.  He was mocked, despite not making a serious accusation it was intentional.

But what if it was?

The disease isn’t deadly enough to kill off the Chinese customer base.  Nor the customers who buy products from Silicon Valley or from Europe.  With the aid of a complaint media it can be portrayed as something far more sinister.  It can suddenly slam the brakes on the worldwide economy.  The real contagion is the one that would end the recovery in the United States.  Angry voters could send President Trump packing.

By this time next year, the globalists, elitists, Chinese and the Deep State could have their man in charge.  A guy who can smile vacantly while not knowing the day, month or year.  His caregivers would be assigned by the elites and he would remain a figurehead.

The coming weeks are going to determine who controls the future.

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