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We're absolutely going down the wrong road!

Some friends told me they were going to have a church service in City Park.  They promised to maintain social distance.  Meanwhile, across the street, my church was distributing palm fronds from a folding table.  Mass is online until…

Funny, if the Governor padlocked the newsrooms would editors remain silent?  Same amendment, different liberty.

I drove around the city this morning and took some pictures of empty churches.  If you see cars it’s because the sound and video people are participating in live streaming.  A handful of churches around the state have decided to hold actual services but without receiving some grief.  A gunman shot Pastor Tim Remington 5 times 4 years ago.  Remington recovered and his church is open.  He’s not afraid of much of anything.  Remington also serves as a State Representative and mainstream media and servile members of his community are demanding his arrest.  Locally, the liberal mainline denominations are demanding the jailing of evangelicals who gather in groups larger than ten.  I guess the mainline folks can’t muster double digits.

Funny, if the Governor padlocked the newsrooms would editors remain silent?  Same amendment, different liberty.

What gets me about this Palm Sunday shutdown isn’t the empty churches but the packed big box stores.  We’re being played!

If you can catch coronavirus on a New York City subway platform then why not in the aisles of Costco?  Home Depot, Target and Costco will all survive.  This morning I read a piece at Issues and Insights and the writer says most small business are already finished.  Of course, they couldn’t grease palms at campaign time quite like the big fellows.  Elites frown on conspiracy theories but the corporate giants have just eliminated the competition.  And you GOP sycophants know the President and Republican Governors didn’t object.

The latest is the politicians telling us their plans worked.  Confirmed cases may be dropping in some places.  This is political opportunism and it's not science.  Diseases can attenuate.  A century ago a pandemic petered out.  What we've been witnessing is a test run examining our willingness to surrender liberty.

The last true rival to this elitist power grab would be the institution of faith.  As we approach the most important day on the Christian calendar, most churches will remain closed.  Politicians will tell us they’re sorry.  They’ll tell us it’s for our own good.  Because people will die, they’ll say, the weekend we’re promised resurrection.

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