Following events of the last couple of days at the White House and the Senate, you could get the impression government is unraveling at breakneck speed.  This is a message I posted to friends before bed Thursday. Feel free to chime in.

Or we're at the Fall of the Roman Empire

A thought crossed my mind after Trump's visits to West Virginia & Youngstown this week.  Forty-thousand Boy Scouts, members of a quasi-military outfit, cheered a political speech.  Twenty-thousand showed up in Youngstown for six-thousand seats.  One-third of the country is primed to go into the streets for the man.

Cabinet secretaries & his Chief-of-Staff are publicly mocked by him or surrogates.

Two possibilities are crossing my mind.

Trump is preparing a purge of the political establishment he despises or we're at the Fall of the Roman Empire. Next week, if wives of Senators are forced to perform in brothels, I'll have confirmation.  We've gotten to both possibilities far more quickly than I expected.

I'm not passing sentence on the President.  He's just a vessel for a pissed-off country.

The churches could use us this weekend for prayer.

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