HAIELY, Idaho (KLIX)-Idaho wildlife managers treated a sick cow moose in the Wood River Valley in hopes of learning more about what may be impacting the species numbers in the state.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game said residents had reported seeing what appeared to be a sick cow with a calf in the Hailey area last week. On Wednesday, December 2, one resident reported the cow was in their backyard and Idaho Fish and Game showed up with help from the Blaine County Sheriff's Office. The cow was darted and anesthetized to treat it for an eye condition, possibly conjunctivitis. The cow was given antibiotics and samples taken were sent off to the Idaho Fish and Game Wildlife Health Lab.

Idaho Fish and Game said in a statement the decision to treat the animal was made because of the struggling population of moose in parts of Idaho for an unknown reason. The samples taken may help wildlife managers figure out what is impacting moose.

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Idaho Moose

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