\A guy told me last week, Idaho is windier than it was 40 years ago.  He grew up here and then moved away for 20 years after leaving school.  A few years ago, he returned to a place where he can trust his kids can grow up with some old-fashioned values.  He told me during a conversation he doesn’t quite remember the volume of wind storms we see today.

Some Say the Wind Always Blows

I mentioned this on-air.  Shortly thereafter, a caller chimed in.  He mentioned growing up on a dairy farm north of Jerome in the 50s and 60s.  He told me the wind has always been ferocious during his lifetime.

All I know is there are a lot of days your clothes will dry in five minutes on the line.  You may also need to drive to the next county if you plan to collect and fold them!

A fellow I met a couple of years ago from Paul explained he had grown up in Wyoming, and he claimed the wind was even worse.  He said Rock Springs is the windiest place in America.  I had lunch one afternoon in Rock Springs, and it was sunny and calm.  I guess my timing was off.

We Need Some Actual Historic Measurements

What I need to do is look at some statistics.  Wind speeds and gusts are measured and then stored in a database.  It was reported 15 years ago that the winds along the Great Plains were slowing and had been slowing for more than 30 years, however.  Some geniuses still placed hundreds of wind turbines on the Sandhills.

Back in Idaho, there are days the wind blows and I’m in my studio and wonder when the roof is going to pop off.  These are the moments that silence doubters and bring us closer to God.  If that’s the lesson, then let the winds howl.

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