TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-Road crews are working in the northeast part of Twin Falls on road preservation maintenance. The city of Twin Falls announced the fog seal work will last until August 29 in several neighborhoods, see map, which may disrupt traffic and local access.

The city says people living in the impacted areas should get notifications by door hangers 24 hours before the scheduled work. The fog seal will force the closure of the streets and create detours and delays for up to six hours. Vehicles will not be allowed to drive on the treated streets until it is fully cured. According to the city, the fog seal is designed to prevent the roadway from deteriorating as a result of traffic and weather.

To extend the life of the pavement, the City of Twin Falls Street Department preserves the binder that consists of oils, resins and plasticizers. Fog sealing asphalt frequently can keep street surfaces in good condition almost indefinitely and is far less expensive than road reconstruction.

The city says the fog seal isn't as messy as the traditional chip and slurry seal that results in rock chips left behind to clean up. The fog seal leaves a smooth black surface once it is finished.

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