Hero Officer Sings To Toddler
Police Officers go above and beyond everyday to ensure that complete strangers are safe. After a deadly crash in Brigton, Colorado, Nick Struck with the Colorado Police Department found himself comforting a toddler soaked in gasoline.
Commentary: Lefty Ignores the Lives of the Truly Innocent
I get a daily e-mail from the New York Times with all the headlines from the opinion and editorial pages.  This morning the first headline was from a commentary written by a woman angry some states may block the dismemberment of babies or the deaths of babies ripped from their mother's bod…
Commentary: Liberals and the Drought of Ideas
Jerry Brown would appear to approve of open borders.  The Governor of California is a proponent of granting citizenship to more illegal aliens in order to give them a vote and him a perpetual liberal political majority.  Brown is also instituting mandatory water restrictions in his state b…

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