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Don’t call it mass delusion or mass hysteria but there may not be swarms of drones in the western skies.  It started in December.  People along the Colorado/Nebraska state line were reporting swarms of drones.  They weren’t government or military.  Police surmised the drones were mapping the area, perhaps for something as benign as upcoming spring planting, although.  Nobody ever came forward and claimed involvement.

Now we’re hearing there may have never been any swarms.  Check out this link from ABC News.  The government put a plane into the sky to track drone movements in the area.  It found nothing.

A new working theory is someone may have seen some lights in the sky (perhaps another plane in early December) and then thought there were other lights.  After the report, many other people may have seen some routinely normal air traffic in the area and suddenly believed they were seeing drone swarms.

Since no ground evidence has been found to support the claims of dozens of airborne drones, the theory may be the right explanation.

Yesterday I posted about the almost 100 claims of UFO sightings in Idaho last year.  Could it be something similar?  Your brain often works to fill in sensory blanks.  It’s called closure.  A quick turn while you’re looking at the night sky and you think you saw a flash of light.  Your synapses spring into action and provide an answer.  “I know what I saw,” isn’t necessarily a lie.  It’s just you didn’t actually see a drone or a UFO.

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