TWIN FALLS (News Release) – The Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office has once again received multiple reports of attempted fraud.


In this recent scheme, the male caller identifies himself as Deputy Charles Shaffer, and tells the intended victim there is a warrant for their arrest. He tells them he or she must pay a fine immediately or they will be arrested.

The scammer is calling from 208-635-4666 and 208-220-2102. One targeted victim phoned SIRCOMM and verified that there is no Deputy Shaffer working for the Sheriff’s Office.

A similar scheme is once again appearing with the caller identifying himself as a U.S. Marshal and stating the victim will be arrested for unpaid back taxes if they didn’t pay immediately.

The Twin Falls Sheriff’s Office does not make this type of phone call.

Please be cautious of anyone asking/demanding money immediately. Find a phone number for the agency in question and contact them. Do not use the phone number given by the caller.

Any legitimate agency will welcome and understand this security measure.