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A newspaperman this week wrote about something called an “inflection point”.  He’s talking about the demonstrations taking place across the country.  Statues are coming down in the dark of night.  Government buildings are being occupied and the occupiers are calling for drastic restructuring of laws and courts.  The left believes it’s sweeping the field.

In Idaho, things are only slightly less dramatic.  A group of athletes known for their alternative lifestyles are demanding the state abandon a new transgender law.  It prohibits biological boys from competing against biological girls in high school and college sports.  The athletes suggest the NCAA pull the preliminary rounds of the NCAA Basketball Tournament from Boise next spring.  Identity politics as cudgel!

But are we really seeing a social revolution?

Or how about the loonies who’ve suggested a cartoon dog be euthanized?

People watching stores being looted the last couple of weeks are slightly less inclined to support the goals of the mob.  The children’s author, JK Rowling is refusing to bow to the politically correct.  She may be an unlikely hero when it comes to traditional values.  She has posted ten points to her argument.  You can read it by clicking here.  Number 4 caught my attention because if the left worships science, then they’ve come to a contradiction.

Or how about the loonies who’ve suggested a cartoon dog be euthanized?  See the link here.  Because it’s a cartoon police dog.  Babylon Bee and the Onion couldn’t make this stuff up.

The conservative writer Jim Geraghty believes there will be a backlash from the Silent Majority.  It won’t involve broken glass or burned buildings.  It’ll take place at the ballot box.  Despite current polling numbers, the one person who grasps this on the national stage is Donald Trump.

The left may give him another four years.

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