You can silence a critic by hiring him.

He was too nice to a fault during the 2012 campaign.

A great many friends have been posting on social media their dismay Mitt Romney is burying the hatchet with Donald Trump.  First, let me remind you back in 2008 Romney was the choice of conservatives in the primaries.  Somehow, four years later he had become a RINO scoundrel.  I really like Mitt Romney from a personal standpoint.  Good family man.  Smart and industrious, too!  He was too nice to a fault during the 2012 campaign.  It wouldn’t have any bearing as Secretary-of-State where he would carry out the plans of Mr. Trump.

Second, Romney obviously has diplomatic skills.  His work with the Salt Lake City Olympics was exemplary.  He saved the games much like Donald Trump saved a skating rink project in New York’s Central Park.  Obviously, the Olympic Games were a bigger problem, but both men know how to cut-to-the-chase.

Finally, I’ve watched the film Patton dozens of times.  Remember the scene where the title character asks General Bradley why he’s in North Africa?  “A spy,” Patton playfully replies to his counterpart.  Then, Patton telephones the boss and requests Bradley becomes his assistant.  The two made a great team.  My thoughts from last Friday’s Top Story are included in the YouTube video.


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