There are some members of #nevertrump still under the delusion the man can be stopped.  They’ve been plotting how they can deny him the Republican Party nomination for President at the national convention this summer.  This morning I saw a TV host explain through use of a map how Trump will fall short of a first ballot victory by 22 delegates.  The conservatives opposed to Trump (I’ve been one but only mildly so) somehow believe if they award the nomination to an alternative the Trump followers will shrug it off and fall in line.  You’ve got an elite very possessive of a party that belongs to tens of millions of Americans.  I witnessed this before.  Six years ago when I worked in Delaware the elites choice for a U.S. Senate seat got paddled in a primary by the more conservative Christine O’Donnell.  The GOP snobs who believe the party exists for their own personal interests bailed and pledged to support the Democrat.  Christine lost in the General Election and now the snobs have got their party back.  Which is tiny and ineffectual and pretty much a non-factor in state politics.

This morning I had some thoughts on where we’re going (Trump will run circles around Hillary Clinton) this fall and it’s time for the guys in 13-inch shirt collars at National Review to swallow hard and shut up.  Video is below:

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