"The Wall That Heals" will be coming to Blackfoot Idaho for the first time ever. This is a traveling Vietnam Veteran Memorial replica and it is over 300 feet. The wall shares the names of those who served and gave the greatest sacrifice.

What is the "Wall That Heals"

The Wall That Heals is a traveling Vietnam Veteran Memorial replica that stands over 300 feet wide. The wall has the names of all the soldiers that died in the war and this is the first time ever it has come to Blackfoot Idaho. It travels all over the country, you can see the full list of places it stops here. This traveling replica is based on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC.

When and where will the Wall That Heals be in Blackfoot?

It will be on display in Blackfoot from September 16th through September 19th. It will be on display at Jensen's Grove.

Does it cost anything to see?

No, the display is free for everyone to view. The "Wall That Heals" does not charge to go an experience.

Why should I go see it?

The Wall That Heals might put into perspective just how many people died in the Vietnam War. It is a great way to show respect and remember what was lost during that time. It is about a two hour drive from Twin Falls to Blackfoot.

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