REXBURG, Idaho (KLIX)-There are thousands of trumpeter swans wintering in eastern Idaho creating a sight that may not last much longer.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game shared video of the Deer Parks Wildlife Mitigation Unit between Roberts and Rexburg that have more than 2,500 swans that have made it their winter home. According to Fish and Game the swans are nearly 25 percent of the Rocky Mountain population that are mainly migrating birds that breed in Canada.

The birds typically feed on aquatic vegetation in and along Idaho streams and rivers, but in the last few decades shifted to feeding on agricultural fields near the rivers. Fish and Game says that adaption has resulted in an increase in the trumpeter swan population.

The video shows a large gathering of swans and other waterfowl and shorebirds at the mitigation unit. There are several parking areas were people can still see the mass swan gathering on the Menan and Twin Butte Road. But, if you plan on seeing them, Fish and Game says you should do it soon, the swans will begin to migrate this month to the north. Hit this LINK for a map of the area.

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