There are plenty of factories and dairies in the area which some may argue makes the area kind of stinky. Others, including myself, consider it the smell of money being made. Here are some of the "smelliest" areas in Twin Falls. (Not in any order)

1.) Orchard Drive near Eastland. This seems especially true near dusk and dawn. Or maybe that's just when I notice it the most.

2.) Behind La Casita Mexican Restaurant. The restaurant is NOT at fault. There is something behind the building that randomly smells really bad.

3.) Over near Chobani. Chobani was under investigation not long ago for potentially being the culprit behind a terrible smell, however, they fixed everything that was wrong and should not be contributing any longer. Who knows.

4.) Near the Canyon grade. This is not that surprising considering there is a waste facility there. So, literal human poo is in the area. It gets really bad when it is hot and the wind blows just right.

5.) Rock Creek Park area is pretty bad too. I don't know if there is more sewage down there or what, but it stinks. This one is especially true when it is hot as well. Hot steamy stink.

What neighborhoods did we miss? Are there any others that are worse? Let us know.