When I was in college I used to eat at McDonald’s at least once a week.  Often as much as three times a week during my first year.  When my daughter was little our Saturday’s were spent at the mall, the movies and a trip to McDonald’s.  She didn’t eat much but raced around the play area.  On a wintry day it was a break from cabin fever.

Just thinking about the fries makes my mouth water.

Just thinking about the fries makes my mouth water.

The Donald Trump- hating media is fuming because he fed the Clemson football team Big Macs.  Do you know any college students?  Chances are many have a taste for McDonald’s.  Some team members were photographed with as many as 3 burgers in their hands while at the White House.

If you click this link you’ll discover the players enjoyed the treat.

During the 1980s a crew from a Russian trawler were rescued off the East Coast of the United States.  They were taken to McDonald’s.  They went back to the counter for seconds.  A history lesson for the latte sopping snobs in news media!

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