Do we need to keep repeating this electric car transition isn’t going to work?  Last year, during the dead of winter, I wrote a story about an EV that died on an exit ramp in Ada County on a cold day.  A state trooper had to share the story over lunch.  You can argue it wouldn’t happen if we had more charging stations.  Keep in mind, much of the nation’s energy grid nearly collapsed during a cold snap Christmas weekend.  You can make a pitch for wind and solar, but there won’t be enough in the way of these technologies for decades to come (if ever) to support the transition.

Oh, and if you were stranded in a Tesla in the Buffalo area over the weekend, you’re now in a morgue with a tag on your toes.

This morning, I saw a story that said when EV batteries reach 140 degrees there’s a fire danger.  Some scientists are working on a solution, but who knows when it’s going to be industry standard?

Then there are the rare earth metals.  Called rare because there’s a ceiling.  A limited supply.

I saw a video last week from the Joe Rogan Experience.  The host interviewed an author who traveled to Congo, which is the main source of cobalt on the planet.  You granola-chomping liberals talk endlessly about victims and the oppressed.  And then you subsidize brutality and child slavery.  How are you going to virtue signal on those counts?  If I’m the parent of a dead child slave, can I sue American liberals for reparations?

You can see the Rogan video below.

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