First, caution.  There is some strong language in the video posted to Facebook.  This is one of those “only in Idaho” treatments.  The other day, a picture of a guy driving in a Miata with the top down popped up on Facebook.  Same “only in Idaho” slogan.  The post said it was happening here in Twin Falls as heavy snow fell on Blue Lakes Boulevard.

The video above is from Caldwell, where apparently some cattle escaped from a truck during a recent snowstorm.  Keep in mind the animal appears ornery but cattle aren’t used to an environment with heavy traffic on an Interstate highway.  This particular stretch of road wouldn’t be considered open range.

I Wouldn't Want to be in Caldwell Either

I can understand there are two reasons to try and catch the animal quickly.  Some could get hurt, including livestock.  The other argument is simply that it’s Caldwell!  If you don’t corral the animal quickly, some local criminal is likely to get his hands on some fresh steaks.  Do you think I’m kidding?  Nobody really wants to be from Caldwell.

A pastor at my church got transferred a few years ago to Caldwell.  It wasn’t his idea. Before he left, he told me the sound of gunshots was a frequent occurrence near his new church.

Possibly Still Wandering the Highway?

The video isn’t long and I can only assume the cowboys managed to capture the confused animal before it got hit or before any vehicles were damaged.

About a year ago, there was a similar video out of Twin Falls.  Sheriff’s deputies and city police used their own agricultural experiences and nobody got hurt.

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