Some say that the proof is in the pudding and those of a younger generation may say 'pictures or it didn't happen'. Well, I don't know if pudding was involved in these events but there is definitely picture proof that Milner's Gate in Twin Falls may be haunted by a mischievous spirit. Really, I don't think it would surprise anyone. Milner's Gate has replaced the old Ballroom in downtown Twin Falls and you know that place was old and haunted. Whether the recent incidents were caused by an old Ballroom ghost or a new spook has been drawn in by the delicious food, I don't know. but I do know that these videos from security cameras inside the building capture what appears to be light orbs and items being moved by an invisible source.

In this first video you can see chairs being moved by the supposed spirit. Caution, the ghost isn't the only thing to look for in these videos. There is also strong language so turn down the volume for sensitive ears.

Apparently camera 11 at 11 PM is the one to watch because it happened again a few weeks later. This time you can see a light floating around in a spooky and random way.

In the third video you get a glimpse of the ghost moving things around in the kitchen. This one to me is the creepiest because you can tell that the deep fryer basket does not fall in a natural way.