My ballot is cast.  I voted early.  I tell people I don’t support early voting.  So, I contradicted myself.  The thing is, early voting is a worry if you’re a fence setter.  You could vote today and then Saturday learn a candidate you voted for enjoys dissecting dogs for fun.  Then you can’t rescind your endorsement.

I walk into the booth and choose the most conservative candidate available.  Down the line.

I’m not a guy with polling uncertainty.  I walk into the booth and choose the most conservative candidate available.  Down the line.  The last time I had a coin flip, it was during a city election more than 30 years ago.  There were two candidates I really liked and they were vying for one seat.  You can sometimes get two dreadful candidates but it’s really tough when you believe you’ve got to choose between a pair of swell guys (and sometimes women, just to ensure the politically correct are happy today).

I walked into County West in Twin Falls at 10:40 A.M. and the line already stretched into the hall and was getting longer.  This is truly an astounding time in which we’re living.  I read a lengthy piece about how people see the apocalypse if the other side dominates when votes are counted.

We don’t much like the opposition and it doesn’t much like us.  This is my 11th Presidential choice and only 2016 rivals with intrigue and excitement.  Four years ago, I had at least four Republicans I would’ve preferred before Trump.  In retrospect, the others would’ve gone down to defeat against Hillary Clinton.

“He fights!” is how Lincoln described Grant when the General was under criticism for battlefield losses.  It’s how I see Donald John Trump.


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