Primary election day is May 15th but voters in the Magic Valley will have more than just political candidates to vote for.  Several school districts will be asking voters to approve supplemental levies to help maintain operations in the aftermath of several years of state budget cuts.  The Filer School District is asking for a two year, $500,000 annual supplemental levy.

This is the first time in many years that the Filer District has asked for a supplemental levy.  Castleford School District needs a two year, $300,000 levy.  Wendell School District will ask for a two year, $155,000 annual  levy, Shoshone schools a two year $300,000 levy and Richfield is asking for a two year, $225,000 annual levy.  The Valley School District in Hazelton will ask voters for a two year $300,000 annual supplemental levy and a five year $300,000 annual plant facilities levy.  Today is the deadline for schools to submit levy election requests with the County Clerk’s office.