The rocks that make up the canyons here in Idaho sure are pretty. But, if you're in a speedboat, hitting the rocks is very bad. That's what 2 guys in a speedboat learned recently while racing on the Salmon River.

The Daily Mail, NY Post and multiple other outlets shared this story. It happened during the Salmon River Jet Boat Races this year. Two competitors seemed to think it was a good idea to swerve to both edges of the canyon. They escaped the rocks on the right side, but not on the left side.

As you'll see in the video shared by Caters Clips, the jet boat went slightly airborne when it grazed some rocks jutting out from the canyon, but then really smacks the second outcropping after that.

According to all reports, the two guys in the boat did not suffer any serious injuries. Amazing considering how hard they hit the rocks and water.

Check out the official Salmon River Jet Boat Racing Facebook page for coverage of this and several other upcoming races.

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