It’s open season on law enforcement.  I’m not quite sure how to describe the death toll not even four and a half months into 2021.  Last year, 89 men and women wearing the badge were killed across the country according to a website I came across today.  A little under half those deaths were behind the wheel while on patrol, or officers hit by other vehicles.  The rest came at the hands of criminals.  I woke up Sunday morning to news of an attack on a police officer somewhere in the Southwest.  Another ambush attack.

Compared with last year.  It’s chilling.  A lot of good people are going to re-consider putting on a badge.

I looked up some statistics on law enforcement deaths so far this year.  Figures compiled before this weekend.  Compared with last year.  It’s chilling.  A lot of good people are going to re-consider putting on a badge.  Even subtracting pandemic totals, deaths are already two-thirds of last year's total.  We aren't five full months into this year!

Last week I came across an editorial from the Washington Post.  The writer is railing against police brutality.  The first paragraph stacks the deck.  It cites four deaths in recent months of citizens during interactions with police.  There isn’t much context.  You could infer in two of the cases there were people violently resisting arrest.

I mentioned last week on my radio program that there are 60 million interactions every year between people and law enforcement.  I’m rounding.  In 2018 there were just under 62 million.  The Post cites four deaths out of 60 million interactions.  We could have 300 men and women in blue dead at the end of this year!

Reporter Heather Mac Donald last year cited some academic research.  Here and here.  It debunked the media claims about out of control policing.  The professors behind the research later renounced their work.  Under pressure from the “woke mob” and their fellow academics.

It’s National Police Week.

The local Back the Blue rally is Tuesday, May 11th.  At City Park.  Starting at 6:00 P.M.



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