Donald Trump and Nigel Farage have one thing in common.  Often they appear the only red-blooded heterosexual men left in their respective countries.  Trump the womanizer and Farage the beer-guzzler aren’t politically correct and echo the now distant men of empires past.  This morning following Brexit you’re hearing a great many varied opinions.  What does it mean?  It tells us growing majorities are fed-up with playing nurse maid to the rest of the planet.

Today I recalled the savior of Western Civilization from the last century, Winston Churchill, spoke often about the wonders of the English speaking peoples.  In North America we’re 25-years into an uncomfortable trade union with a narco-terrorist state.  Our cousins across the Atlantic have been frustrated by an even more onerous agreement in place nearly twice the time.

Courtesy, website House-of-Windsor.
Courtesy, website House-of-Windsor.

This is an opportunity for a new union.  A woman at a Latino outreach center once said to me, “Language is culture!”  I believed her spot-on.  Then why not create an economic block with the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand?  For good measure the South Africans and Indians might be welcomed into an association because English is actually the glue bridging disparate cultures in those lands.  You can hear the discussion from this morning’s edition of Top Story below:

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