I’m not aware of any previous coup attempts against an American President.  Many sane people believe the assassination of President Kennedy was a coup but no one can produce enough serious evidence to make a case.  And JFK was an established and establishment politician.

President Trump is something truly unique in the office.

How can you better describe what was attempted by former Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe?  He was trying to remove a legally elected President from office.  On what increasingly appears a manufactured investigation of Trump’s ties with Russia.  In more sober times McCabe could possibly find himself dangling from a rope!

Constitutional scholar Alan Dershowitz is weighing in, calling it an attempted coup.  You can watch his description at this link.

While mainstream media celebrates McCabe, it becomes easier to describe same media as co-conspiring.  You can’t excuse treason behind the First Amendment.   The plotters must be thankful the news cycle has quickly shifted to border security issues.

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