I'm down with the movement.

And this energy independence... Don't get me started

Like the women marching my arm pits & legs are hairy.  I haven't been sexually attractive for 20 years and last year on Inauguration Day I entered menopause.

Unfortunately, my hat doesn't have cute little ears.  I bought it for two bucks at Walmart, which apparently doesn't cater to liberal shoppers, however.  I agree with these liberal women.  Full employment endangers America!  Lazy people may even find jobs (although, a lot of them are furloughed during the government "shutdown").

President Trump is mean to portly Asian dictators and if we were only nicer the chubby kid wouldn't be killing his own people with dogs and anti-aircraft guns.  And this energy independence...  Don't get me started.  Funding terrorist states allows the oppressed across the Islamic World to even the playing field (when not whipping wives for scorching dinner).
Anyhow, once I put on the hat it was like I was Frosty the Snowman.  I came alive!
Oh, and I'm not alone:

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