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I’m “a piece of garbage”. I won’t be able to sleep at night. I need a safe room with coloring books and a puppy. My psyche is so badly damaged that I’m going to demand reparations from liberals. I also want the guy who called me garbage to be fired. Because he’s not nice. He should be forced to live under a bridge for the rest of his days. Then I can feel better and get in touch with my emotions! Then I’m going to go and ask an atheist baker to make me a cake with a cross on the top. If he refuses, I want him to go live under a bridge. And I’ll sue! I’ll sue!

Let me make a more serious point. These cowardly pieces of protoplasm never challenge me one-on-one. They go online, do their drive-by attack, and then race away. They’re the type of men who can’t use a public urinal if another guy is in the room.
This latest hit-and-run took place on the news aggregation website Newsbreak. Newsbreak Idaho had linked to a story I wrote Monday about the proposed Lava Ridge Wind Project. If the garbage man supports the planned ruination of southern Idaho, then why didn’t he show up at last Thursday’s public meeting in Jerome? Because he’s meek and afraid.

I once asked a question of a former local newspaper editor. He had called me a shock jock. My reply was of the two of us, who better represents the values of this community? He was gone a few months later. He’s probably working as an assistant in media relations at the March of Dimes in Normal, Illinois.

There’s something very special about outlasting all of these people. Idaho grows redder and soon they won’t even slither out of the holes (mom’s basement) they call home for the next drive-by attempt.

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