A southwest Idaho student shared a photograph of an image captured in the sky near Boise that shows a bright, round, unidentifiable object. The individual contacted the National UFO Reporting Center and filed a report.

Details of an April 15 incident near Boise have been published following an investigation by the NUFORC. The report was shared Friday ( April 22 ) and describes an orange, pulsating sphere that was witnessed for approximately 20 seconds by an Idaho astronomy student who was in the process of working on an assignment.

The object was further described as having an "aura or haze" around it. A picture of the object was shared along with the report by the NUFORC. The student mentions the sphere moved slowly and in a westerly direction from his/her residence, as detailed in the report.

The published incident was the second witness account of an unexplained aerial phenomenon in the southwest region of the state in less than a week. On April 9, a YouTube video surfaced that shows a similar orb appear to move and change shape. A local resident filmed the object for more than two minutes.

So far for the month of April, reports have been filed with the NUFORC by Idaho residents in Boise, Payette, New Plymouth, Hayden, and Nampa. Shapes of these unidentified objects have ranged from circular to triangular.

The NUFORC archives and investigates claims of unexplained aerial phenomena throughout the United States, and publishes the information for the public to access.

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