Bernie Sanders isn’t a racist because he’s a socialist.  Donald Trump is a racist because he told some inconvenient truth.  Got it?  The fellow travelers in American news media sure have found Sanders racist rant less attractive than anything said by Trump.  Witness Bernie Sanders talking about gun control in this video.  As a friend from Georgia explained today the Vermont Senator is claiming blacks can’t be trusted with guns while whites are courteous and law abiding owners of firearms.  In Vermont just about everyone outside of Burlington and Middlebury has a few firearms at home.  For a time I lived in rural Bristol, Vermont and there were far more guns in the neighborhood than Democrats and especially socialists.  Sanders wanted votes and accepted squirrel hunting as part of the local culture.  A culture almost entirely white.  Sanders is Jewish and during the time I worked in Burlington a co-worker was the only other Jewish person I knew in the state.  There were fewer than one thousand Jews and most of the 14 counties had none.  If I had been paid a dollar for every person-of-color I saw on the streets I would’ve long ago starved.

Bernie Sanders plans to disarm blacks. KLIX Library.

The Green Mountain State is one of the two whitest places in America.  It vies for the title with nearby Maine.

Chicago, Illinois has an entirely different demography.  There are ethnic groups and races representing every corner of the planet.  There is a large black population.  A Latino population.  A Middle Eastern population and the largest number of people descended from Poles of any other city across the globe.  The metropolitan area could have one million people living illegally in the United States.  Much of the crime in Chicago is centered in minority communities where poverty, want and escapist drugs are rampant.  Much of the gun crime if not most occurs in the very same neighborhoods.  Sanders answer is to allow white people in Vermont a continuance on deer hunting.  In Chicago he would rather seize the firearms held by blacks and Latinos.  Many of those firearms may not even be legally registered.  The sad thing is if you wanted to register a legal firearm for self-defense in Chicago you may well grow gray and wrinkled before you ever see a permit.  Chicago already has gun control and gun violence and blood running in the streets.

My Georgian friend is making a point.  Had Trump entered the same waters he’d be getting crucified for implying whitey is smarter and more responsible than blacks.  Sanders is saying blacks and Latin Americans are dangerous.  It reminds me of the time I was interviewing Joe Clark.  The high school principal memorialized in a movie after he instilled some discipline within the student body at a Paterson, New Jersey high school.  Clark was a black man.  There was an epidemic of drug related street crime in American cities in the late 1980s and early 1990s.  As I fumbled to phrase a question about inner city America Clark interrupted.  “You’re talking about black people,” he said.  “Go ahead and say it.  Young black men in this country are out of control!”  I’ve shared the story and it only makes liberals angry.  They’ll shout epithets about Joe Clark.  In their minds letting the students run the school in some Lord of the Flies manner is preferable to success.  Now you’ve got a fellow traveler in Sanders and I suspect he’s getting a pass for only one reason.  The man is talking about guns.  Liberals despise the Second Amendment.  So Sanders will be allowed his bigotry because after the confiscation in Chicago (good luck) then they can pivot and grab firearms in Vermont.  Delusional, very delusional.  Apparently I’m not alone in recognizing the treatment Sanders is getting from fellow travelers.  Check out this link at Commentary.

It must be difficult walking through life wearing blinders.