Elitist news media doesn’t much like Donald Trump but dislike isn’t the same as Trump being right-or-wrong.  When the real estate baron made his announcement he intended to seek the Republican nomination for President he pledged to build a wall along the southern border and now he’s being accused of labeling Mexicans as a race of rapists.  You can see the media meltdown writ large in this column from Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post.  Again, there may be many subjective reasons to not like Trump but is a Pulitzer Prize winner along the lines of Robinson playing fast and loose with facts?

This is the quote from Trump associated with the faux outrage:


When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.


Did Trump upend the false media narrative? KLIX Library.
Did Trump upend the false media narrative? KLIX Library.

Sounds quite damning I suppose but Trump said even more.  He qualified his remark by saying not all were rapists and criminals and that some are very good people.  So, questions for Robinson, his fellow travelers and the enraged Democrats who fear Trump’s influence could cost them the illegal votes of illegal immigrants.  Of all the people here illegally are any of them rapists?  Have any of them been convicted of rape?  Are some of the illegal immigrants convicted of rape from Mexico?  Is this reported at the time of conviction by government and/or media?

In any population totaling in the millions there is always a percentage of aberrant behavior.  These percentages apply as well in even small populations.  From a reporting perspective you could then infer you could find these facts and then either discredit Trump or find he’s on the mark.  I suspect Robinson and his fellow cabernet sipping elitists fear the answer they would find.

Ann Coulter has been doing some digging as you can read here and the woman has published a book in an attempt to get to the bottom of the story.  She did this before Trump’s utterance.  Now, Lefty despises Coulter as much as Trump and will reply with some disparaging remark about the woman.  “Deflection” it’s called.  If the simpering minions of the news media can get you focused on Ann Coulter being a meanie then you may forget the premise and the facts about some rapists being among the droves of illegal immigrants.  The perfidious among the likes of Robinson believe they’re smarter than everyone else and need to clear-the-field of people they don’t like for your own good.  How do they know they’re a cut above the general population?  They gather around the echo chamber over at Morning Joe on MSDNC and clap each other on the back and shower each other with praise.  Since the audience is so meager for such a powerful display of intellect it becomes even clearer for this rabble the rest of us reject that “book learnin’ thang!”

Now I’m not saying they’re stupid.  They’ve planned this agenda in order to destroy a culture they view as contemptible.  You mere mortals in flyover country cling to your notion of an Almighty and your guns and you must be controlled.  Flooding the country with Third World refuse strengthens their hand when it comes to your destruction.

Six months ago I relocated to Idaho.  The Northwest was once a region home to wandering and settled indigenous tribes.  Then the evil white men arrived and ruined the Indian Utopia where there was always peace and communion with Gaia and maybe even some wacky weed to smoke for fun!  Now Lefty wants to populate the neighborhood with Islamic refugees.  This to serve us our comeuppance.  It just never occurs to our elitist betters their plan to destroy a culture is hypocrisy, although.  They’ve already determined the traditional “American Way” is corrupt and they’ll give us the “what for” whether we like it or not.  Then comes along a guy like Trump and he kicks over their chairs.  Naughty, naughty, Donald!

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