Out for a drive this week I tuned in to a public radio show hosted by Terry Gross.  The program is called Fresh Air and generally features a fawning Gross asking highly personal questions of guests.  Monday’s victim was a comedian who interviewed President Obama in the comedian’s garage for a podcast.  As most of you know the President said a naughty word.  If you missed it here’s a link from Real Clear Politics.  Gross aired the segment with the N-word, just as Rush Limbaugh used to air Jeremiah Wright bellowing the same word.  When Limbaugh did it the left was apoplectic.  When Gross aired the N-word nationally there were just yawns.  When I aired the President’s comments I bleeped out the word.  Unlike Limbaugh I don’t have the clout to withstand the liberal assault.  Just remember, OK for the lefty Terry Gross and not so much for Rush and completely forbidden by me.


Skipping across the news today I came across this post from the Wall Street Journal’s James Taranto:


Two Popes in One!

  • “The Pope has condemned weapons manufacturers and investors in the industry as ‘hypocrites’ if they call themselves Christian. He issued his toughest denunciation to date of the arms industry in front of thousands of young people at a rally in Turin.”—Daily Mail (London), June 22
  • “ ‘The great powers had photographs of the railway routes that the trains took to the concentration camps, like Auschwitz, to kill the Jews, and also the Christians, and also the Roma, also the homosexuals,’ Francis said, citing the death camp in Poland. ‘Tell me, why didn’t they bomb’ those railroad routes?”—Daily Mail (London), June 22

From the leftist media perspective, Pope’s weapons manufacturers comments good.  His comments about dropping bombs to save lives doesn’t faze the leftist mind.  No contradiction seen, whatsoever.  The Roman Church does teach there are just wars.  Papal infallibility deals with doctrinal matters.  It doesn’t mean he actually knows anything about war, science and capitalism.  He denounces the latter when he really means corporatism, which is a corruption of capitalism.  Media also doesn’t spend much time pondering the difference.  Its members are still swooning over what they believe is the Holy Father’s sanctioning of their sexual proclivities.  Yesterday a story appeared and it pointed out the Pope doesn’t have a literal belief in Genesis.  The writer went on breathlessly to tell us even the less charismatic Pope Benedict didn’t have a literal interpretation of the Bible.  For the irreligious this must appear big news, however.  This has been what the Church has stated for a very, very long time.  The early works in the Old Testament, written by flawed men, later compiled into the Christian Bible by Roman Catholic intellectuals consider these older stories allegorical.  Storytelling had a different purpose in ancient cultures.  A goal was to impart ideas if not exactly facts.


Oh, and some of you may have thought the Associated Press pointing a gun at Ted Cruz’s head was the media perfidy of the week (you can get details here).  I think this is close but instead I’ll vote for Jonathan Gruber the architect of Obamacare.  You may recall when Gruber’s disdain for the public surfaced and his fascination with propagating the big lie President Obama developed amnesia.  “Gruber, what’s a Gruber?” he could have intoned.  Media followed its master’s lead and criticized anyone covering the story, which the outliers did.  Fox and the corporatist and capitalist Wall Street Journal actually practiced reporting at the time.  The Journal then followed up with some serious revelation.  This link explains no one else is willing to mention the Journal’s work.  Remember, these are the same people who’ll insist through Election Day next year Benghazi was a frat party gone wild.  As Chris Matthew says, “It’s the film.  Everybody knows it’s the film!”  Right, Chris.  I’ve already seen this picture.

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