Where is John Kerry?  A friend is a retired Air Force Colonel and yesterday posed the question.  As we know the official story is the Secretary-of-State fell off a bicycle a couple of weeks ago and fractured a bone in one of his legs.  Some not-so-serious news agency in Iran claimed Kerry was actually the victim of an assassination attempt.  As high value targets go it wouldn’t make much sense.  Kerry’s idea of diplomacy is to have an off-key James Taylor pop from behind the curtains and sing You’ve Got a Friend.  Our enemies want Kerry to stick around for many more years!  Another awkward hug of a French politician plays into enemy propaganda.  It reminds me of the scene in Elf where the title character squats on Bob Newhart’s lap.  So much for instilling an enemy with a sense of awe.

Kerry is AWOL. Courtsey, KLIX Library
Kerry is AWOL. Courtsey, KLIX Library

I broke my left fibula February 13 years ago.  For nine days I walked on my leg but swelling made it difficult to tie my left shoe.  An x-ray proved a shear about one inch above my ankle.  I spent 5 more weeks in a fiberglass sock but still found myself able to visit taverns, go to parades and shepherd my daughter to the mall.  So where the heck is John Kerry?

His predecessor had a great fall shortly after the Benghazi debacle.  When she finally appeared before a Congressional panel to prevaricate she wore louvered glasses reminiscent of the louvers in the rear window of my dad’s 1975 Dodge Charger.  What difference does it make?  Well, if someone is going around and knocking over old people at the State Department to hush the latest foreign policy embarrassment shouldn’t we know?

I wrote a piece Tuesday about how government legerdemain only increases public suspicion of operations along the lines of Jade Helm.  The more perfidious government becomes in its belief it can always fool all of the American people an inverse develops.  Couch potatoes start taking an interest in finding the truth.  A pundit named Pat Buchanan stated some months ago there are more firearms in private hands in America than there are citizens and non-citizens.  This angers the elites who insist the herd must be controlled.  All guns are bad.  In an old Tarzan movie Johnny Weissmuller snatches a rifle from the hands of a hunter and snaps it in half while shouting, “Gun no good!”  He may have appeared self-reliant but as Tarzan wore few clothes you can surmise he was an unabashed lefty with no shame.  Witness the “Gun no good!” lobby’s efforts to portray modern America as the Wild West.  The Wall Street Journal explains today faulty data is used to sell fear about firearms.

Not only are we dealing with President Obama’s sleight of hand but we’re learning evermore everyday he’s a petulant man.  John Podhoretz has details about Obama’s boiling hatred of Israel.  When you read about the vindictiveness and exaggeration of every criticism it makes Richard Nixon look tame by comparison.  Obama isn’t alone.  Do you need any more evidence the notion of a two party system is a myth than listening to Mitch McConnell or John Boehner.  This is McConnell dodging the obvious during a television appearance with Bret Baier.  About 5-and-a-half minutes into the video McConnell gets nailed but still manages to blather on with gobbledygook straight from the modern disinformation playbook.

As it turns out Obama’s media sycophants are starting as well to get restless.  Witness their ire at being evacuated from the White House press room after a bomb scare.  Finally the egos take an interest in a topic when it directly impacts their work.  So maybe they can ask a few more simple questions.  Let’s start with where is John Kerry?

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