Next week if I married a wealthy and 85-year-old widow you potentially could have a cynical reaction.  I’m not yet 54 and there would be suspicions I was out for money.  Donald Trump’s current wife is a much younger woman.  He’s old enough to be her father and then some.  Mrs. Trump lives in the lap of luxury, wears expensive baubles and wants-for-nothing.  Draw your own conclusions.

When a photograph surfaced of the mostly naked Mrs. Trump from several years ago her husband blamed Ted Cruz despite the picture having long been published and floating about the public domain.  A political action committee actually resurrected the picture and you only blame Cruz if your confirmation bias is centered on support for Trump.  Cruz could get in serious, serious trouble if his campaign is linked to the political action committee.  Trouble enough any serious candidate simply wouldn’t be involved and Cruz is the most serious candidate in perhaps the last two generations.

Within days of the naked Mrs. Trump making the rounds her husband disparaged candidate Cruz’s wife and a story suddenly surfaced in a tabloid alleging Cruz plays the field.  A few points and then you Trump brown-shirted thugs can then heap your abuse in my direction.  The Drudge Report is a front for the Trump campaign and has stayed away from the allegations Cruz is an adulterer.  Mainstream media has done the same.  This same mainstream media would be orgasmic if it could bring down the Texas Senator.  One, he’s a Christian.  Two, he’s a conservative.  Three, he’s from Texas.  So far there isn’t much of an effort at the New York Times, the Bible of godless American liberalism, to bring down Cruz.  Nor at Pravda-on-the-Potomac, which sometimes is called the Washington Post.  This is why big media despises Cruz!

Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images
Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

What’s most laughable about all of this is the tabloid claimed five affairs and then posted blurry pictures of five women.  As it turned out one was a photograph of Trump’s chief spokeswoman.  She isn’t pleased.  Over at the National Enquirer someone apparently just grabbed the first five photographs from the pile.  I’m sure one of them is also Sasquatch and two are aliens housed at Area-51.

There are some very concerned and nice people supporting Donald Trump but also a great many illiterate thugs who would solve this country’s troubles by shredding the Constitution and beating and killing opponents.  The glee they experience in attacking Cruz is a warning and unfortunately too late.  The country will soon be in the hands of the Cro-Magnons.  The Christian Cruz family is on trial and Donald Trump and a woman many in my old neighborhood would consider a streetwalker get a pass.  Cry, the beloved country!

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