One of my favorite all-time talk radio calls came about ten years ago.  A regular explained he had spent one week in a hospital and was frustrated by his television choices.  Hospitals, from what I recall, usually have slender cable packages.  He was flipping through the dial and discovered there are a lot of TV shows about Bigfoot.

“Bigfoot! Bigfoot! Bigfoot!” the guy shouted.  It was clear it nearly drove him off the deep end.

On my way to Crater Lake and there’s a statute of Bigfoot with a very big glass of draft beer.

Lately I’ve been seeing TV promos for Fox Nation.  Apparently, there’s a show devoted to Bigfoot sightings.  And the Jersey Devil and some Florida swamp creatures.  One local politician is a Sasquatch believer.  As he once explained, he has been hunting in the back country for decades and rarely has he even seen a bear.  His point?  Just because you haven’t seen a creature doesn’t mean it’s not out there.

I’ve seen a moose just three times in my life.  Once in New Hampshire.  Once in Vermont and once in Wyoming.  I’ve only viewed wolves and lions in zoos and I really don’t have a desire to pet them in the wild.

Several years ago I went to visit a friend at his summer cabin and she shared multiple pictures he had taken of bears in the previous days.  None showed up while I was visiting.

I was very amused last week when I passed a tavern in one small Oregon town.  On my way to Crater Lake and there’s a statute of Bigfoot with a very big glass of draft beer.  He would need a mightily big glass, wouldn’t he?

Across the street there was a sporting goods store with a large statue of a bear clutching a fish.  The bear was being watched by a statue of a lumberjack.  My kind of town!

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